My name is Rose, a trader trading in one of the biggest shopping mall in Lagos. 

I am married to my husband of two years and the truth is that even though I had enjoyed every bit of the relationship right till we got married, I am beginning to get frustrated right now because of one main issue I have been battling with.

And that is when my love making session with my husband started going all the way down. It got to a point that he spills his milk immediately after 2 minutes.

 Yes.  It is known that we have a high s3xual appetite and as such we need men that would be able to handle us real well. That’s why we are always caring to our men;

We make sure they eat the best meal when they come back from work; 

We do our best to keep the home steady and sparkling right in the way it should be;

And at the end of the day, we simply expect our men to come right into the room and reward us with our most price treasure that we long for. 


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